Ampirica, LLC
PO Box 1030
Fayetteville, AR 72703

Selected Achievements

All members of our staff are accomplished industrial physicists and engineers. We have substantial experience in developing novel technologies, securing IP and turning scientific concepts into profitable services and products. Our specialists authored and co-authored a total of 46 issued patents in the US, Germany, Japan, Canada and Russia; 69 patent applications are currently pending.

We developed the cornerstone technology that helped launch the following active businesses and resulted in the manufacture of various commercial products:

  1. Symyx Technologies – members of our staff contributed to a substantial part of the company’s IP. Since 1996 we helped build this company from a small startup into a public company of 500 people.
  2. Intermolecular Technologies – our IP helped secure a strategic licensing agreement between Intermolecular and Symyx in 2004. Intermolecular is currently developing processes and services predominantly derived from the IP authored and coauthored by members of our staff.
  3. Visyx Technologies – a sensor manufacturing startup successfully spun out of Symyx Technologies in 2006. Visyx sensors are solely based on technology invented and developed by our specialists.
  4. Members of our staff invented and prototyped novel ASIC electronics that later, through collaboration with Analog Devices, was turned into new product – the AD5933 IC chip, which was introduced to the market in 2005.
  5. Our experts designed and developed new analytical devices that helped launch a bio-analytical instrumentation company Biokom (Russia) in 1994. This instrumentation is still a substantial part of the company’s current product portfolio.
  6. Members of our staff developed and patented novel principles for the implementation of a high-density magnetic read head for NEC. This technology increases the density of data storage tenfold.